It's time to think about tree size!

04 Nov , 2018
It’s November! Seriously, it’s here, and we all know what November means… It’s officially Christmas time. It’s the month when it’s safe to shout Christmas! You can say it loud and say it proud, and no one can tell you otherwise. All the Christmas deniers can do is look on and make their peace with it. Either way, they’re going to have to start prepping soon too and what better way to start prepping than by thinking about Christmas tree sizes!

Christmas Trees come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re all BEAUTIFUL! Well, we think so. We’re firm believers that every Christmas tree is perfect in its own way and deserves a place in a loving home. However, the house should suit the tree, the better you research your home, the better your tree will look and Christmas cheer it will bring you!

Get Measuring! That’s the first step. Our tree sizes follow a strict guideline, and they will always be the height we say. The last thing we want is a tree poking through your ceiling, and we’re sure it’s the last thing you want too. The best way to avoid this is to measure up! We can’t measure for you, as much as we’d love to, so get measured and ready to order!

Next up you’ve got to ask the fundamental questions… Am I going real or artificial? (these will affect the sizes!) Do I want an indoor tree or an outdoor tree? How am I planning on disposing of my tree? These are the crucial questions that are way too often forgotten, and way to often lead to unfortunate Christmas headaches. So, let's get them out of the way now.

Should I go real or artificial? Go real. Easy! That’s one ticked off the list. Artificial trees are technical more environmentally friendly if you’re planning on using the same one for the next 30-40 years. That’s not going to happen, and we’re firm believers in the real thing. Trust us, everyone notices the difference.

Do I want indoor or outdoor? We can’t help you with this one we’re afraid, this one is entirely down to your preferences. However, we can direct you do where to find both on our website so that should definitely save you some time when it comes to ordering a quality tree.

Finally, there’s the tree disposal. We’ve already highlighted some options on handling this here, and we can even do the hard work for you! We’ll collect, and we’ll make sure it’s disposed of properly!

Anyway, we’ll be back soon, and it will be full steam ahead because it’s officially Christmas and we’re going to keep shouting it! Not that we don't do that all year round anyway...

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