An Affordable and Sustainable Christmas

03 Dec , 2020

In these difficult times those hunkered down working from home thinking fondly of Christmases past are trying to figure out the best way to make Christmas 2020 special.

It is going to be different that’s for sure, but it should still be a time when we can celebrate in the comfort of our own homes. Here at The Christmas Forest, we have everything you need to make it festive. 

While you are here check out our extensive range of Christmas Accessories and Christmas Lights. There is something to suit every budget so you can have an affordable Christmas.

Why The Christmas Forest you might ask? There are a number of reasons to buy from us. Right from the start the environmental impact of our business has always been important and for some years now (since 2006 to be precise!) we have supported the TREE AID charity. TREE AID works in partnership with communities in the drylands of Africa. TREE AID supports people in these communities to grow and care for trees to improve their environment and to protect against climate change. Trees make an incredible difference – they improve soil quality for better harvests, reduce soil loss through wind or flooding, protect ecosystems and increase biodiversity. These trees can keep the environment fertile for generations to come, and help to create resilient, thriving communities.

For every tree sold at The Christmas Forest, we donate to TREE AID so that another tree can be grown by a family in Africa. In 2020, we are aiming to grow over 300,000 trees in Mali. Together, we can make this a reality! You too can donate to TREE AID and learn more about its work by visiting their website. 

All our Christmas trees are sustainably grown on our own Christmas tree farms in Scotland. Clearly once the festivities are over the trees that delight over Christmas need to be disposed of. Many Local Authorities now offer a free tree disposal service but if they don’t, we can also help if you live in the London Area. Our tree removal service is very popular. We’ll pick up your tree, chip and prepare it for recycling. Now there’s peace of mind!

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