Stay Bright This Christmas

15 Nov , 2019
There was a time when each year we would search under the stairs or in the loft for last year’s Christmas lights and decorations. We would then spend time making sure that the lights worked, replacing bulbs, if we could get them, or buying a completely new set, more often than not.

Things have changed with the advent of LED lights. Kids tend to have them up in their rooms permanently. The latest generation present a fantastic opportunity to go to town and spread a little more Christmas cheer in, around, and outside your home.

All our lighting sets are low energy LEDs, they come in a huge variety of lengths with many different numbers of bulbs and colours. All are multi-action, which means they can stay on all the time, flash slowly, fast and sequentially. This adaptability means you can set the scene and atmosphere depending on the time of day or night, the occasion and all at the flick of a switch.

For those for whom less is more we have lights in warm or ice white. For those who like a bit of colour we have multi-colour lights. The lengths vary normally according to the number of bulbs ranging from 96 to 1000. The choice is spectacular. We also have battery powered lights for those places where it is difficult to get mains power.

Now lights will obviously adorn your Christmas Tree but because of the range available they can be used outside too, in a tree in your garden or surrounding your front door. A hedge can also be made to sparkle. Inside you can festoon lights in your kitchen around the architraves in your dining room and around your living room. We’ve seen spectacular displays in hall ways and up staircases too.

So, whatever you choose make sure you stay bright this Christmas.

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