• The Great British Christmas

    05 Dec , 2019
    If there is one thing we British do well, it is Christmas. Some say that the 'traditional' Christmas we celebrate today was modelled on a Victorian invention. Indeed from Christmas cards to decorated trees and Christmas crackers, many of our best-known Christmas traditions were invented in Victorian times.


  • Stay Bright This Christmas

    15 Nov , 2019
    Lights will obviously adorn your Christmas Tree but because of the range available they can be used outside too, in a tree in your garden or surrounding your front door. A hedge can also be made to sparkle. Inside, you can festoon lights in your kitchen around the architraves in your dining room and around your living room. We’ve seen spectacular displays in hall ways and up staircases too.


  • Picture Perfect This Christmas

    17 Oct , 2019

    We thought we’d look into exactly how to get the best out of social media this Christmas and give you a list of some the things you should be looking out for during the festive season, as well as some of the things you should be avoiding.


  • Let's Go Skating!

    09 Nov , 2018

    We love ice skating. It’s such a wonderful for friends and family to all come together, and all look rather silly doing it. We all like to think we’re majestic and beautiful while we’re ice skating, but the reality is that we spent a majority of the time looking silly, or angrily staring at the people who don’t! Still, whatever our approach and whatever our feelings towards ice-skating there is...


  • Fancy a spot of high tea?

    05 Nov , 2018

    We love Christmas and everything to do with Christmas. The sounds, the sights and, of course, the tastes! Everything Christmas is what Christmas Forest is most definitely all about. However, there is something that comes in close second when it’s not the festive time of the year. It’s afternoon tea. Few things fuel our team with excitement as much as the prospect of delectable finger sandwiches, beautiful assortments of cakes...