Let's Go Skating!

09 Nov , 2018

We love ice skating. It’s such a wonderful for friends and family to all come together, and all look rather silly doing it. We all like to think we’re majestic and beautiful while we’re ice skating, but the reality is that we spent a majority of the time looking silly, or angrily staring at the people who don’t! Still, whatever our approach and whatever our feelings towards ice-skating there is no denying that it is an excellent time for everyone involved. We think it’s so great that the minute Christmas started to roll around we began preparing our list of the top places to skate! It’s always beneficial to have a pro’s insight with these things!

Here’s our top ice skating spots for 2018:

Summerset House

Summerset house is a treat for everyone! It’s beautiful to look at. The atmosphere is as Christmassy as can be and there’s a lot more to do than just the fantastic ice skating! The ice skating rink is beautiful as you’d expect and for those not skating there's a whole host of tasty treats and mulled deliciousness. Finally, the west wing of the arcade is once again turning into the ultimate festive shopping experience, so you can skate and shop!

Canary Wharf

Now here’s one for if you’re looking for something a little edgier this year! Well, it’s about as edgy as ice skating gets, but it’s still super cool! Canary Wharf has shaken things up by installing LED lights beneath their ring that create up to 16 million (yup, you heard right) different colours! There's also a lovely rink-side bar if it all gets a little too much.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the largest ice skating rink in the whole of London! Built around a grand bandstand and of course, adorned in hundreds and thousands of lights! It’s a spectacle, but a spectacle in a wholesome festive way that’s always so welcome at this time of year. Grab the family and head up to hyde park! You can also do winter wonderland while you’re there!

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