The Office Party - Deck the Halls

09 Dec , 2019

The Office Christmas Party - it has just got to be better than last year! Deck the hall with boughs of holly, tis the season to be jolly or so the famous song goes! Somehow the corporate office space or otherwise is often difficult to decorate and if that is the intended venue for the Christmas Party you have a problem, one that we can solve.

We still have a great selection of our real Christmas Trees both here online and in store. If you are in London we'll even come and install it for you. Get ready for your party and buy your tree from us. We are offering a 10% discount for all companies purchasing trees in the next 4 days? Make sure get the right delivery code.

If your stuck with what size to choose let us give you a hand, you might only have space for a small tree, so get two instead or if you have a lovely glazed atrium or large space to fill go to town and order one of our 12ft trees. 

We also have a fantastic range of decorations, lights and accessories, in fact everything you need to make your office space sparkle with festive joy. You'll have a real tree, great decorations and lights. You can always add more lights and festoon them around your office space to create that special seasonal atmosphere for your Christmas Party.

Worried about what to do once the festivities are over? There is really no need. Book our tree removal service; we'll remove your tree and do a full sweep up of the needles too. Just ensure all decorations are removed first. We will then chip and prepare your tree for recycling. 

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