Caring for Your Real Christmas Tree

04 Dec , 2019

A real Christmas Tree needs looking after even after it has been cut. This will ensure that it remains looking pristine and healthy from the moment you put it up in your home till you decide to take it down. Christmas Trees will continue take up water just as they did when they were growing in one of our Scottish tree plantations and that is the key to keeping it looking great.

If you buy your tree and intend to install it at a later date, make sure you keep it out doors. When the time comes to move your Christmas Tree inside saw 2cms off the stump (a fresh cut) and mount it immediately into one of our  a water-holding stands. We have one to suit every size and style of tree. If we have done the fresh cut for you when you purchased the tree please note that it will seal up in about 6-12 hours if not put in water, so put the sawn end in water promptly and keep the water topped up thereafter.

All our trees bought online will have had a fresh cut that morning and should be placed straight in water once delivered. Don't forget to water your Christmas Tree daily (it is surprising how much water a Christmas Tree will drink especially once it is inside your centrally heated home). Make sure you keep it away from direct heat such as radiators or fires.

One of our Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree will stay looking fresh indoors for between 2 to 4 weeks, make sure you continue to give it some TLC and it will last well. The Norway Spruces have the shortest span and should be bought as late as possible in the season lasting closer to 1-2 weekends depending on conditions. Remember even though it has been cut a Christmas Tree lives on for quite a long time.


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