Find the information you need from the menu bar to the left or read our FAQs below to find answers to our customers’ most common questions

1) I want to make changes to my online order or track my online delivery, how do I do this?

Email or call 020 3953 8794 option 1 to make the changes. Please do so with at least 48 hours’ notice of delivery.

2) What are your delivery and collection options?

Take a look at our delivery page and removal page to see what we offer.

3) I want to track my bespoke delivery. Who do I contact?

Email us at or call 020 3953 8794 option 1.

4) Do you install Christmas trees?

Yes, please select installation here or at checkout. And read about the stands we recommend on our installation page. We can also decorate christmas trees.

5) I’ve found much cheaper trees down the road from me – what’s so special about yours?

We love this question! It is all down to the grade of tree. All Christmas trees are graded for quality. We only sell premium grade trees (except our Value trees), wreaths and garlands. Our trees are specially selected field by field and are top quality. This means they are beautiful, full, even and healthy and so destined to last much better than other grades of tree if properly looked after. Cheaper trees are usually lower grades of tree, with all that implies, and might not last as long.

6) Can I buy multiple trees?

Yes, please email and we can arrange that for you. Or shop online – extra charges will apply.

7) How wide will my Christmas tree be at its widest point?

The answer to this depends on the variety of the tree you buy – Frasers, for example, are narrower than Nordmanns. But you can expect most Christmas trees to be just less than half as wide as they are tall at their widest. So, a 6ft tree would average at just under 3ft at their widest point.

8) Do you do discounts

Sometimes, for large orders, if you can persuade us!. Please email and see how generous we are feeling that day. But as a general rule, we don’t offer discounts. This is because we are committed to remaining true to our quality promise of only selling grade-A trees, and to donating trees to Tree Aid – a cause close to our hearts!

9) Do you sell wholesale?

No, we are retailers.

10) Do you decorate Christmas Trees?

Yes, we can come to your home, office or organisation to decorate a tree. We also work for schools, hospitals, restaurants and hotels.

11) We are a charity – will you donate a tree to us?

We do donate trees to charities each year. We get many requests so we decide which ones are important to us. Please do email us with your request at and we will let you know if we can help.

12) How do I contact my nearest store?

We have individual numbers for each store on our website but if you have difficulty getting through (as they can get very busy) please call 020 3953 8794 and select option 2.

13) Do you deliver outside London?

Yes we can! Please email in or call us to get a quote or place an order.

14) I’d like to contribute more to Tree Aid. How should I go about this?

The easiest way to give more to Tree Aid is to donate through their website. Click here to go to their Donate page. Or visit to see all the other ways you can contribute to this excellent cause.

15) How much goes to Tree Aid from my purchase?

We are committed to planting one tree in the drylands of Africa for every Christmas tree bought by us – so far, with your help, we’ve planted over 205,206 trees.

16) I don’t like my tree/ there’s something wrong with my tree.

Fortunately this is a very rare event at The Christmas Forest. Please email us immediately at in the event of problems, with a full description and photo and we will get back to you. Due to the perishable nature of Christmas trees, we cannot accept returns 72 hours or more after delivery.

17) I want to complain about the service I’ve received from The Christmas Forest.

We’re sorry if you’ve had a bad experience with The Christmas Forest. Please email us at to complain and we will get back to you. Our aim is to continuously improve our service.

18) Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards in all our stores. We will not be accepting cash.

For all questions about our eco-values and sourcing of our trees go to