At The Christmas Forest, we carefully choose our prime quality, real Christmas trees from the best sustainable Christmas tree farms across the UK. We demand late harvesting and minimise time in transit. On delivery the trees are promptly taken off their pallets and stored vertically outdoors before we sell them to you.

Once you buy it, it’s over to you for its tree care. Here’s what you need to do to keep your real Christmas tree looking great:

  1. Keep your Christmas tree outdoors or in cool, preferably moist conditions until required for standing indoors.
  2. When you are moving the Christmas tree inside saw 2cms off the stump (a fresh cut) and mount immediately in a water-holding stand.
  3. If we have done the fresh cut for you on purchase please note that it will seal up in about 6-12 hours if not put in water, so put the sawn end in water promptly and keep the water topped up thereafter. All online-bought Christmas trees will have had a fresh cut that morning and should be placed straight in water once delivered.
  4. Water daily (it is surprising how much water a Christmas tree will drink especially once it gets indoors) and keep it away from direct heat such as radiators, or room hot spots.

A well-cared for real Nordmann Fir Christmas tree will stay looking fresh indoors for approximately 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the variety. Spruces have the shortest span and should be bought as late as possible in the season lasting closer to 1-2 weekends depending on conditions.

A Potted Christmas tree with roots also need good treatment to stay healthy:

  1. Place away from direct sources of heat.
  2. Water frequently – the soil should be lightly moist all the time – never let it dry out.
  3. Plant the tree after Christmas for use next year.

The good treatment of your Christmas tree forms part of our terms and conditions/ guarantee.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE! Always turn your Christmas tree lights off before you water your tree and before going to bed!