The Real Deal!

13 Nov , 2018

So, you’re looking for the perfect tree this year? You’re not alone in that. We can tell you that for free. Every family within a hundred mile radius has the same plan as you. They want their perfect tree, and they want it now. Here’s the problem, there is no ideal Christmas Tree. You can search high and low for the tree that’s just the right size. Or the tree that’s got the perfect shape, but that’s all you’re going to be doing. Searching, because you are never going to find the one tree that does it all!

Now, that’s not to say the perfect tree FOR YOU doesn’t exist! It does. Somewhere out there you’re eventually going to hit upon your perfect Christmas tree. It may be slightly bigger than you were planning on, it may be somewhat bushier than you wanted but, but one thing is for sure. It’s going to be perfect for you!

Step one: Are you in or are you out?

The oh so often over-looked are you in or out question! Do you need an indoor Christmas tree or an outdoor Christmas tree? Don’t know what you need? That’s fine. We’re here to help. The main difference is quite clear really! One of these trees prefers being outside (that’s our outdoor Christmas tree, the Norway Spruce). They’re big and beautiful and always look so full and festive! However, they need to be outside up until about a week before Christmas, or they’re not going to be happy! Then there’s the Nordmann-Fir which is equally beautiful but much more acclimatised to the indoors. Choose this if you’re not going to have a chance to move your tree at all!


Measure! We can not say this enough and yes, we know we’re repeating ourselves, but please measure up the space you need and your ceiling size for your Christmas tree! Whether you go with a tree that size doesn’t matter, a simple guideline measurement will make your life so much easier and you so much happier! Just measure up.

Finally, the delivery, delivery does also make for a perfect tree if you get it right! Work out when you need your tree depending on whether it’s indoor or outdoor and work out when it's getting collected, if you’re not tree-cycling your self. Finally, all you have to think about is the decorations! Did you order them from us or are you going to be using the same ones from last year? It's not a problem at all other than... maybe... Did you check if the lights are still working?

If you've avoided a disaster then voila, that’s the recipe for a perfect tree.


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