• The Great British Christmas

    05 Dec , 2019
    If there is one thing we British do well, it is Christmas. Some say that the 'traditional' Christmas we celebrate today was modelled on a Victorian invention. Indeed from Christmas cards to decorated trees and Christmas crackers, many of our best-known Christmas traditions were invented in Victorian times.


  • Christmas is a Time to Give!

    03 Dec , 2019
    While we all look forward to Christmas, emptying stockings and unwrapping presents, Christmas is really all about giving. Giving can take so many different forms and Christmas really is the time to do it. Whether it is at work where you want make your staff happy or at home where you just want to make your home a special place to be for family friends and relatives over the festive season, we can help you achieve it.


  • Make a Statement This Christmas

    01 Nov , 2019
    It really is not that far away now. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner so get prepared and decide whether you want to make a statement this year!  We have trees from 3ft to 12ft and we can go bigger too. One outside, one in the hall way, one in the dining room and one in the sitting room where you gather to open presents on Christmas day.



    25 Sep , 2019

    Choosing your Christmas tree often feels like something that you must go and do yourself. You know what size you want and you might know where you are planning to put it in the house. But in actual fact, there is a long history of gifting trees during the Christmas season. So why not consider giving someone the perfect Yuletide gift this December?


  • Family Days Out

    26 Nov , 2018

    What to do? How can we keep the kids busy? How can I get a few days respite? Can you please take the kids somewhere so I can make some headway wrapping these presents? Have you heard those questions before? We certainly listen to them. Every single year, without fail. They are the questions that get asked every ill prepared Christmas parent! If you prepared, you'd have plenty in place...