Make a Statement This Christmas

01 Nov , 2019

It really is not that far away now. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner so get prepared and decide whether you want to make a statement this year! If you do it will depend on lots of things and your own situation but we have some suggestions that you might like.

First up the BIG tree! If you have the front or indeed the frontage, you might to consider one of our larger trees to put up outside your house or premises. Decorate it, festoon it with lights, be bold and your house will stand out and bring a lot of Christmas cheer to friends and family and indeed those in your vicinity. Christmas is a time for giving so give a little more this year.

Next up MULTIPLE trees! If you have a voluminous house or a premises with plenty of space why not go for multiple trees. We have trees from 3ft to 12ft and we can go bigger too. One outside, one in the hall way, one in the dining room and one in the sitting room where you gather to open presents on Christmas day. Make your house extra special this year, push the boat out, and make a statement!

Of course, you will need to adorn your tree with top flight decorations and lights, which you can order here and now online or perhaps you can make this project a family event. Plan ahead and bring the family to one of our pop-up stores located across London. The kids will love it! You will need to look after your trees to keep them looking healthy during the festivities and what better way than providing each of them with one of our water holding stands. The trees will drink heavily if your house is warm and centrally heated.

No time to wait, start to discuss your plans with you family or colleagues. Get to it!

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