10 Best Places for Christmas Shopping with the Family

23 Oct , 2019

As Christmas approaches, everything starts to gear up and I won't keep you waiting, but here are the 10 best places for Christmas Shopping with the Family in London.

  1. Oxford Street - what can we say, it's got everything, it's fun, its London, parking can be tricky, but if you're looking for a great few hours after work or spending a day in Half Term Christmas Shopping, then little can go wrong.  Oxford Street has all the names you could want: Selfridges, John Lewis, Primark and other major retailers.
  2. Westfield Strafford City - in fact, any Westfield, warm, cosy, full of Christmas cheer, Christmas is the time of year where actually shopping in a Shopping Centre makes sense, it's convenient, good parking, easy access and great transport, you could easily get all your shopping done in one place.  And there is the added advantage of tons of Children entertainment, from Carols to Father Christmas Grottos
  3. Spitalfields - the old market is now open every day and it's full are small market stalls offering clothes, tit-tat, bargains and beautiful artesian wear, there will be something for everyone in the family from the youngest to the oldest.  Plus some Gluhwein to keep you warm.
  4. Covent Garden - Magical fame especially around Christmas, this is a full day out on the weekend, there is everything, it's entertaining and full of great ideas for Christmas, Covent Garden prehaps more than anywhere sums up what Christmas is about.  The children will return home weary and tired, but it will have been worth it.
  5. Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park - this one is for the Children with circuses (plural) and Santaland, you might get a few minutes to do a bit of Christmas Shopping, but a young family will love it, Open daily around 10am it stays open late as well until about 10pm.  You might not get all your Christmas Shopping, but Christmas isn't just about buying things.
  6. Portobello Road Market - this is for the teen's, famous for clothes and bric and brac, a reminder of the Christmas Past, it's not a huge as some other venues, but if you have Children keen to buy their siblings a gift or two and you don't want to spend a fortune then a Street Market is the place to go, you could also mix in shopping with a Cinema or just a great day out with older kids.
  7. Peter Jones and Duke of Yorks Square - it sounds odd I appreciate, but there is literally everything here, and at great value to, Peter Jones has the full range of Kitchenware, Cooking wear, Electronics, Jewellery, if you are looking for Christmas Presents then a good old department store cannot really be beaten and then the new(ish) Duke of York's Square has a lot more to boot.
  8. Harrods - got a bit of money, or is this just about the experience, the magical Harrods Lights on a cold winter day will instil memories for Children for the whole of their lives, the Toy department is excellent and has a massive range to.  It's not always about luxury and Harrods has everything, still even today.
  9. Camden Market - once gritty, once grimy, I suspect no more, but it's where your older kids will want to go, with loads of market stalls and all the jeans and clothing of a Blackish sort of colour you could possibly want.  Camden is where to find it.  But there is lots more on offer as well, Christmas Tree Decorations are a must here.
  10. Instagram - did I just do that, we're talking London and the new place to Shop is Instagram, it has everything, search and find, there is no doubt in our mind you c=an/could even buy one of our lovely Christmas Trees from Instagram if so included.  Does it make for a family day out, maybe not, but who says Christmas Shopping cannot be a family event around a breakfast table.

We hope these locations and venues give you some ideas, I've missed Hamleys, but that is a specific store for a specific reason.  If you are looking for a great family time Shopping together then any of the above will provide. 

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