25 Sep , 2019

Choosing your Christmas tree often feels like something that you must go and do yourself. You know what size you want and you might know where you are planning to put it in the house. But in actual fact, there is a long history of gifting trees during the Christmas season. So why not consider giving someone the perfect Yuletide gift this December?

Every year, as is tradition, Norway gifts a carefully chosen Christmas tree to the United Kingdom to reflect the long standing friendship that exists between the two nations. What better way to show your affections by sending someone a beautiful seasonal present? The tradition of having a Christmas tree in the home was brought into popularity by Prince Albert in 1848. He gifted trees already decorated to both schools and army barracks in and around Windsor. It was then that the Christmas tree in England truly took hold.

There are a few keys points you must consider if you are buying a tree to give to someone else. It’s important to make sure that it is the right size. What are they looking for? Where will they be placing it in their house? It is perhaps worth discussing these points with whoever you have decided is the special person that is to receive this tree. But if you are wanting to keep this present a surprise early present then you can always opt for one of our smaller trees to ensure that the receiver will always have somewhere to put it.

Our online delivery makes gifting a tree simple and easy, wherever the intended recipient is in the country. And if you would rather see the tree in person before you decide to gift it, you can visit ones of our stores and chose the perfect tree before getting it delivered.

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