Helping You Plan Christmas Early

02 Oct , 2019

It’s coming up to the time of year where most of your children will be looking forward to Halloween. But it’s worth keeping in mind that Christmas is in fact just round the corner. Ignore the complaints that Christmas is coming earlier and earlier each year – there is nothing wrong with a bit of forward planning!

We say that the trick is, it's a treat! Don’t let the stress of organising and hosting a big family Christmas land on your shoulders all at the last minute. Treat yourself to some simple options –it’s not a trick! At The Christmas Forest, we do online delivery of Christmas trees to save you the hassle of coming and picking up the tree yourself. And if you would prefer to pick your tree in person, we do pop up stores in 11 different spots around London, and you can get your chosen tree delivered straight to you. We not only offer a drop off service, but we will also provide the installation of your tree for a small fee on top.

Not only that, but after the success we saw last year have decided that we will be continuing to run our tree collection service at the end of the year. Our Tree removal saves you the arduous task of getting rid of your tree for only £35 (with a discount for tree collection outside the building) and includes sweeping up all of the needles! This removal service will chip and prepare your tree for recycling, ensuring that your tree is dealt properly. That’s just one less thing to think about with the coming of the new year.

It's getting easier and easier to sort your tree this Christmas, so why not chose the simple option and take advantage of all of our services we have on offer?

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