New Additon: Festive Decoration Set & Service

09 Oct , 2019

Product alert, new product, something new, we're proud and all that sort of thing.  But yes - we are proud, we've worked hard to bring our Festive Decoration Sets to market and a lot of you have been asking for them.

It is a simple process, you can view our Festive Decorations Sets, select the size of Christmas Tree you require and then choose your colour scheme, I think we have over 14 colour schemes available to choose from, from the traditional Blue and Gold or Red and Gold to the trendy white and silver or pink.

Each Festive Decorations Set comes with a selection of Baubles in different sizes, ribbons, a Tree topper and a range of 'pieces' or decorations, all in all quite a power pack for the Christmas Tree.

Who might want or need this?

Anyone is the short answer, but if you're giving a party, moving house, fed up with the old decorations, looking for some new ones, in an office.

There's a host of reasons why you might want to just Get Christmas Done and select a Christmas Forest Tree this year.  It is convenient.

More is on Offer Too

As well as the decorations, we make it easy for Christmas Forest to be your one-stop-shop for Christmas, you can buy the Tree, Stand, Lights and also select if you want us to install the Christmas Tree, do the decorating and even collect everything afterwards as well.

Our mission, to be there when you need us, in no way are we advocating the wonderful experience of Christmas to be lost on you, but for anyone needing help and wanting an efficient and value service, please rely on Christmas Forest.

Our Festive Decorating Sets have been a long time coming, so thank you to all those who have put in the work sourcing and putting together these wonderful decorations.  We hope you our customers enjoy.

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