• Stay Bright This Christmas

    15 Nov , 2019
    Lights will obviously adorn your Christmas Tree but because of the range available they can be used outside too, in a tree in your garden or surrounding your front door. A hedge can also be made to sparkle. Inside, you can festoon lights in your kitchen around the architraves in your dining room and around your living room. We’ve seen spectacular displays in hall ways and up staircases too.


  • We’re Popping-up from November 21st!

    14 Nov , 2019
    Our stores are opening on the 21st of November this year. Each will have a great selection of real Christmas Trees of all sizes. You can pick the shape you like, the size you like and then move on to selecting decorations, lights, accessories and other greenery such as wreaths.


  • Picture Perfect This Christmas

    17 Oct , 2019

    We thought we’d look into exactly how to get the best out of social media this Christmas and give you a list of some the things you should be looking out for during the festive season, as well as some of the things you should be avoiding.


  • New Additon: Festive Decoration Set & Service

    09 Oct , 2019

    Product alert, new product, something new, we're proud and all that sort of thing.  But yes - we are proud, we've worked hard to bring our Festive Decoration Sets to market and a lot of you have been asking for them. It is a simple process, you can view our Festive Decorations Sets, select the size of Christmas Tree you require and then choose your colour scheme, I think we...


  • The Christmas Fairytale Event

    14 Sep , 2019

    The Christmas season is a truly magical time of year for a wedding. The festive spirit provides an excellent basis for what will already be a heart warming ceremony, as well as an excuse for some impressive yuletide decorations. So, what should you be thinking of when planning your white winter wedding?