The Christmas Fairytale Event

14 Sep , 2019

The Christmas season is a truly magical time of year for a wedding. The festive spirit provides an excellent basis for what will already be a heart warming ceremony, as well as an excuse for some impressive yuletide decorations. So, what should you be thinking of when planning your white winter wedding?

Decorations are crucial in providing the atmosphere you want at the ceremony. This time of year gives you good scope to really go to town on your decorative ideas, and its important that you take full advantage of this. For example, make use of the fact that the days are shorter in December and make candlelight central to your theme. This will give your wedding a fabulously cosy feel. Its also important to consider what flowers are in season in winter, perhaps berries could be part of the displays. 

There are few things more impressive than a skillfully and subtly adorned Christmas tree. It will provide a central focus for the decorations and make sure to get your guests in a festive mood. Think about where might be the best place for everyone to appreciate the tree and don't be afriad to go big!

There are a number of special things you must make sure to consider when having your wedding in winter. For example, the days grow darker much quicker so it is worth making sure that any cameras are adjusted correctly so you're getting the perfect pictures. Make sure your bridesmaids and pages stay warm! It is easy to design outfits for them without considering the fact that the temperature may well be freezing. It is also worth thinking about where everyone can put their warm winter coats at the wedding reception. Finally, be prepared for bad weather and leave plenty of time for everyone to arrive. think about how you may be getting from the ceremony to the reception - you don't want to be snowed in!

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