Eat something new this Christmas!

21 Nov , 2018

We can already hear it. The grumble of Christmas bellies. Christmas isn’t far off, and our stomachs are already singing with delight, and possibly fear, at the prospect of the fantastic host of dishes that will be making their way to our gullets soon! There’ll be mince pies, Christmas Puddings, Christmas Cake and no doubt plenty of Turkey and all the regular trimmings. Yes, that’s what our stomachs are anticipating, and for most of us, it’s what our stomachs are going to get. Hold on a minute. What about the more brazen eaters among us! What about those that are not so tied to the Christmas traditional foods and are willing to spread their wings and fly! Oh, yes, let’s all give it a go this year and spread our wings a little, there’s so much to taste and explore at this time of year!

The Cafe Lunch!

Now here’s a classic. Everyone knows it’s Christmas once all the regular hot spots (looking at you Pret, Starbucks, and Costa!) start breaking out their Christmas beverages and Christmas sandwiches. In fact, we’ve become so accustomed to it that it’s usually a running joke. However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll be surprised by what you can find! Check out the mirrors ratings of the best, the weird and the worst:

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea also has a habit of getting rather typical! It’s always the same selection of snacks. A few sandwiches, a few cakes, possibly throw in a mince pie to spice things up for Christmas! Do you know what would really spice things up though? A mince pie and a glass of mulled wine, oh yes! Check out this list for the top alcoholic afternoon teas.
Maybe best to leave the kids at home for this one though!

The Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner can definitely do with a shakeup! Now we’re not saying you have to change your menu for Christmas day completely. We understand we’re sticklers for tradition ourselves (if you hadn’t noticed!) So instead, we’re recommending trying a few slightly different Christmas dinners before the day itself! I mean, who said you could only have one Christmas dinner a year and who also said they ALL have to be traditional?

Our hot pick for what could be the weirdest and most beautiful Christmassy meal this year would be Yorkshire burrito! It's not exactly Christmas, but their Sunday roast offering is very close to the flavours and delicious! We're also sure they'll be launching a Christmas option very soon!

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