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17 Nov , 2018

It’s finally happening! Our new stores are going to be opening very soon! We’ll be popping here, there and everywhere, all across the country! We hope you’re as excited to see us as we are you! There’ll be so much to do. We’re going to have mince pies, choirs, activities and excitement for the whole family! As with each year, our pop-up stores are more than just a place to go and buy a Christmas Tree. They’re a place to bring your family and have a Christmas experience!

So, how can you get the most out of your Christmas Forrest visit? The first step is to plan your visit! How are you going to get to us? We know it’s an obvious question, but some of our pop-ups aren’t along the beaten track! Sometimes you may need to park somewhere nearby and walk to find us! It’s much better to plan than to be caught out of sorts on your big Christmas tree day! You’ve thought about where have you thought about when? You’ve also got to plan the date and time of your visit. Again, super simple stuff that can save you a load of hassle nearer the time. If you plan to come early, you can avoid any rush! However, you may also be planning to enjoy one of our special Christmas events, check your calendar and make sure you plan your visit for the day that best suits you!

Who’s coming?

Here’s our favourite question, so many people don’t seem to realise that buying a Christmas tree can be a fantastic experience and fun day, or evening, out for the whole family! You don’t have to trudge through the cold brisk winter alone and pick out the tree, alone! It’s twice the experience if you bring your family. They can help you pick out the tree, which of course the kids will love. It makes them feel part of the decision making process at a time of year when they don’t have much control! We’ll also be on hand for all kinds of fun, our staff love nothing more than a visit from a happy family!

What are you after?

This is another crucial question, a little research before your trip on what you’d like to buy can save you some stress! Don’t worry. You don’t need every detail,  and we are most definitely still here to help. Some details would make your life easier though, especially with the questions we can’t answer. We strongly recommend you roughly measure the space where you’re planning on placing your tree. We can not estimate for you, and as expert as our teams may be, they can’t guess the tree size you need! So, do yourself a tremendous service this year and adequately plan and measure your tree!

Well, we think that’s all you’ll need to get the most out of our pop-ups! We’ll see you there soon.

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