Why fake it this Christmas?

05 Nov , 2015
Buying a real Christmas tree as a family is one of those rituals you’ll remember all your life. Artificial tree users, meanwhile, will most likely impart little more than the memory of getting a fake tree out the attic and giving it a good dusting. Not quite so romantic.

Real Christmas trees are carbon-neutral as they absorb as much carbon dioxide during the seven to ten years they spend growing as they release when they come to the end of their lives in our living rooms

Many real Christmas trees have a gorgeous fragrances, and each one is individual.

It goes without saying, real Christmas trees just look better.

Real Christmas trees can be either composted (at your nearest recycling centre) or usefully burned. For every real Christmas tree harvested, two to three seedlings are planted in its place. Each hectare of a Christmas tree plantation provides the daily oxygen requirements of 45 people.

Real Christmas trees are biodegradable. Artificial trees are not and will remain in landfill for many Christmases to come.

Artificial Christmas trees are manufactured far, far away. They use scarce raw materials and cheap labour.

A real Christmas tree encourages an appreciation of the natural environment and of folk tradition by bringing both into the home at Christmas time. The evergreen trees have been celebrated from the 15th century onwards as a symbol of regeneration.

Real Christmas trees are grown in the UK (and Europe). They provide scarce rural winter employment
There is also research showing that having a tree in the home can lift the mood and make people feel better …

Christmas is a time for giving: the Christmas Forest’s annual contribution to Tree Aid (made with thanks to our customers) is a carefully targeted gift of around 16,000 trees annually to the most needy people in the planet, as well as an effective offset to the environmental burden of our operation.

Christmas is better and more magical with a real Christmas tree – many of us cannot really imagine it without one – try one and see.

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