Xmas Tree Decorations - Hand Made

19 Oct , 2015
My mother was remarkably unworried about colour co-ordinating our Christmas tree or trying to make it look in any discernible way chic or pretty. I wonder at how she simply handed the whole thing over to her children.

Armed with decorations made with plaited straws and covered with glitter, hideous baubles we would fashion out of papier mache, fake snow, and pine cones painted garish colours we would attack that tree.

The results were more Liberace than Liberty’s. But, hey ho, it was an ugly tree, but it was our ugly tree.

I’ve been searching for nice hand-made decorations to re-enact the whole thing with my own kids, and have come across these rather more charming sew-your-own baubles kit by Paper-and-String.

But if that’s too much effort, then I can’t recommend highly enough the joys of spraying pine cones fluorescent colours for instant festive glamour!

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