Christmas Tree - Top Tips

17 Nov , 2015

As Christmas tree purchasing only comes up once a year (and let’s face it, it is a time of year when we are usually extremely busy), we don’t get the chance to get very tree-savvy.

Here are Kelty’s top tips:
Find a supplier that stocks un-netted trees. That way you can have a good look at the trees true structure and textures. Our trees are really clearly displayed and you can wander through the urban forest to pick your favourite.

Ask how long ago the tree was cut and whether it has been given water since. Some trees will have been cut down way before the festive period even starts in October, then kept within their nets in refrigerated depots where they may not be handled with much love.

If you suspect that the tree is drying out, run your fingers over a branch and check for needle springiness.

Look for a nice regular shape (not too fat at the bottom), four good sides, reasonably dense foliage.

Buy a stand that can contain water as this will help your tree last much longer. Try not to hack your tree about as it ruins the tree’s natural proportions.

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