Shake things up in the kitchen this Christmas

19 Jun , 2019

Yes, Christmas is all about traditions! However, sometimes it’s best to make a change, especially when it comes to food. That’s right! We’ve said it… You don’t have to go for the traditional Christmas dinner. Each year so many of us slave away in the kitchen for hours on end, producing mountains of food, half of which is wasted, and a majority of which we only eat because it’s ‘the done thing’. The way we see it, Christmas food isn’t just about the foods themselves it’s about the taste of Christmas! Turkey isn’t always ‘Christmas tasting’, it’s the time of year, all the flavours combined and memories that make Christmas food taste and feel like Christmas.

How do we shake this up? Simple. With a vast amount of chefs and supermarkets getting on board with festive menus varied Christmas style dishes are becoming so more accessible!

Go Veggie!

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, why not branch out with a few more vegetarian recipes this year? Check out these beautiful meatless meals of merriment!

It’s never too hard to prepare these and you can dazzle your guests with the flavour of Christmas while making sure you please everyone at the table! (With the youngest member of the Christmas Forrest family being veggie we can assure you we’ll be testing these out!)

Do more with beverages

Sure, there’s Bucks Fizz and mulled wine, the Christmas standards, but why not break out that cocktail set you got last year and haven’t touched since? Here’s 30, easy to make, cocktails from country living. They not only look beautiful, but we’re sure they taste it too. Imagine your guests' faces when you present your wonderfully crafted Christmas Cocktails. You can also surprise the kids with special virgin cocktails, so even at the kid's table they can be part of the merriment!

Christmas Fayre with The Christmas Forest
What we’re really trying to say is that traditional Christmas dinners are amazing, but they’re not the be-all and end-all and they’re certainly always what your guests are going to expect. Sometimes it’s a little more fun to be unpredictable and a little more delicious.

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