Did Somebody Say Cocktails!

15 Dec , 2018
We are so close now! Christmas is literally upon us! It’s so close we can taste it, in fact, it’s so close we’ve really earned a taste of it or at least a sip. Let’s celebrate reaching this milestone as Mr. Claus himself would, let’s celebrate it with a Christmas cocktail. We’ve found a few websites that offer a host of delectable alcoholic, and non-alcoholic, Christmas beverages!


We love Jamie Olivers Christmas cocktails recipes! They’re all easy to follow, they don’t require too much in the way of outlandish ingredients and, most importantly, they’re as tasty and Christmassy as you’d expect!


BBC good food has a fantastic collection this year that also includes mocktails! A great activity with the kids is prepping for Christmas making some delicious mocktails. Not only do they get to eat a ton of fruit, but they won’t feel left out at all when everyone else is digging into their cocktails! Also, it’s great to have some stellar mocktail recipes on hand for guests that may not be drinking. It’s win-win for everyone involved!


Here’s a list for the more hard-core among us, or for those wanting to try something that perhaps takes a little more effort, time and ingredients! Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the result. We’ve attempted a few of these, after work naturally, and even when they didn’t go quite to plan, they were fabulous.


Finally, a Christmas treat that no good Christmas party is ever without is mulled wine! Here’s a fantastic recipe from the labs of Delia that you definitely can’t go wrong with. Even if you’re not a huge fan of mulled wine, whipping up a batch is the perfect way to get your home smelling delightfully festive!

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