Can you smell Christmas?

11 Dec , 2018
Christmas is so close you can practically smell it everywhere you go! You know what we mean, you walk down one street, and suddenly it's there, the rich scent of Christmas trees. Our customers say it so regularly because it’s entirely true! There is no better smell than that of a fresh Christmas tree. It inspires wonderful memories from some of the best times of our lives. Remember that feeling when you first woke up on Christmas day, it was too early to be up, but you didn’t care, your parents didn’t care (or so they said) because this was Christmas, a day unlike any other and there was indeed magic in the air. That’s the incredible thing about scents, they implant themselves in your memory in such a way that you don’t just remember the time they call you back to. You feel it, you feel through every part of you. The sounds come back, the tastes, and for a brief moment, everything is total bliss. However, there’s one smell that gets us more than Christmas Trees, I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true! It’s the smell of mince pies.

Oh, sweet mince pies! Where did you come from? How long have you been here and how have you given us so much joy for such a long time! You are the finest of the Christmas treats, and we’d be remiss to say that we deserved you for a second, because well, no one deserves anything as good as mince pies, and we get to eat them all year round if we please. Yet, for some reason we don’t, even though they are the sweetest treat ever to cross humanities pallet we don’t seem to carry on eating them throughout the year! Why we shout! WHY! It’s simple. It’s because we’re not in love with the smell, or the taste of mince pies entirely. We’re in love with what their taste and smell represent. Just as we are with Christmas trees. We’re inspired by every little memory they conjure in our heads, every face from the past and beautiful gift we’ve received that they remind us of. That’s what we’re in love with.

So, this year, make a batch of mince pies for the family. Cook them all day and every day, let the scent consume your house, even if your family doesn’t particularly like the taste. Remember, you’re doing this for them, engrain the smell of mince pies and Christmas firmly in your families memories because one day, far off into the future, they’re going to walk past a shop get a whiff of a mince pie and feel something. It will be peculiar at first, they’ll wonder what made them so happy. Then they’ll see your face, and they’ll remember and say “thanks mum, I love you.” It will be the best Christmas present they ever received.

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