Get crafty this Christmas!

05 Dec , 2018

Forgotten the decorations? Are the shops barren? We could have helped you sooner! In fact, we can still help you! If you’ve forgotten, and you’re in a hurry, rush to your nearest Christmas Forest pop-up. We’ll be on hand in the flashiest of flashes to make sure you don’t leave empty handed! However, if it’s too late and there are just no other options, here are a few handy tips for some homemade decorations that you and the family can put together. In fact, even if you already have your decorations (purchased from Christmas Forest, I hope), then this is also a great activity to celebrate Christmas and let your family put a little bit of themselves on the Christmas tree. After all, we’re firm believers in creativi-tree!

Example Christmas Crafts!

Check out this adorable peg board Christmas Christmas tree. If you’ve already got a Christmas tree and your kids are dying to have their own, why don’t you challenge them to make their own!

Getting Crafty this Christmas with The Christmas Forest

Buckets! It’s really that simple. Everyone’s got a bucket or to lying around the garden, and look, with a little elbow grease and a piece of chalk you can create something that’s both eye-catching and authentic! Yes, please!

Creating the perfect Christmas Decorations with The Christmas Forest

Three guesses what this is made out of? That’s right! These are pasta shells. That’s it, a few pasta shells with a bit of gold glitter and some string. Hang them from your tree or just about anywhere. Just remember not to eat them afterward!

Crafting Christmas Decorations with The Christmas Forest

Here’s a great website with tons of these intuitive ideas for you and your family to try out at home!

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