Christmas Tree Decorations – Jumble Sale - Is now the Time

27 Jun , 2019

It's Summer, the world is hot and we're not far off the end of term, the excitement of Holidays looms, Car Boot Sales, Village Fetes and Jumble Sales.  Is now the time to clear the Attic and go through the Christmas Decorations?

My point is we treasure our decorations and many have a lot of age. Each has its own appeal rather than any decorating concept – they are added to each year and old ones will sometimes be judged to have had their time.  We don't want to throw away these treasured items, but we might want to reduce them.

And if they are serviceable or even if good condition then it's easy to pop them into the Jumble Sale or local charity shop.

At Christmas Forest, we're old hands at this, but I suspect we have a problem as well, we're invariant buyers too, and as much as I'd love to say we do manage to reduce our Christmas Decorations a bit we often come away from the Jumble Sale with more Christmas Decorations then less.

My favourite, which will now never be retired and I have had since I was a student in America, is a knitted Christmas pudding complete with knitted sprig berry and icing (pictured below). I bought it in a jumble sale.

Christmas Pudding from The Christmas Forest

If you have any stories or tales to tell, we'd love to hear from you, what was your best buy, or find at your local charity event, were there any real gems that made your day.

Christmas Decorations are rather a unique possession - so many have real history and antique value and can be very very old.  So I will leave you with this thought, next time you are at a Jumble Sale or Car Boot Sale or any other event, don't just walk past the Christmas Decorations paraphernalia, take a moment, have a look and see what is on offer.

You never know your next treasured Christmas Tree Bauble or Decorations could be right in front of you... in June!

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