Make your Christmas Tree a Style Icon.

11 Oct , 2018

Who says your Christmas Tree can’t be the latest fashion accessory? This year the humble Christmas tree is finally getting its time in the limelight! This is the year that the Christmas tree will rule the festive catwalk. Sadly, when it comes to styling, the Christmas tree people often fall into two sides of the fence. We have the Scrooge tree side that loath the very moment the Christmas tree needs to go up. “It doesn’t match the decor” they’ll shout, “the kid's decoration will be such a mess” they'll moan, “Do we really need a tree this year Margaret?!?”. We all know who they are, and we know that some of them may be slightly beyond help (it doesn’t mean we won’t try!). However, there is also the opposite side of the fence, people ready to douse their homes in every ounce of festive cheer they can muster! People who've had their decorations down from the loft since the end of August. And finally, the people whose homes will be plastered in more red and green than the Grinch himself. Now, there’s nothing wrong with either side of this fence... They both need a small push in the right direction. So, how can we help make your Christmas Tree a style icon? Let's dive into it.

Step One: Simplify.

Fashion is often minimal, it’s all about the aesthetic, the theme and the style. The two sides of the festive fence we spoke about earlier can both do with reminding of this. For those that can’t stand Christmas, keeping things simple can make your life a whole load easier. It’s not only far more comfortable on the eyes, but it’s also less work, win-win right? And, for the over-enthusiastic amongst us, please CALM DOWN. It’s O.K to love Christmas! We feel the same way. You just need to consider that if you want to be stylish this year, you may need to hold onto those reindeer reigns tight and play it cool. 

Step two: Think Colour.

Everyone can take notes here. This advice isn't only relevant to Christmas trees, it's related to all decoration. When decorating your tree, take into account the colours and design of the room that the tree is in. If the room has bright pink wallpaper, we’d strongly recommend going against red decoration, or orange for that matter. It makes sense right? Yet, many a Christmas fashion tragedy has stemmed from poor location selection. Don’t. Let. This. Be. You.

Step three: Get the Family Involved

Don’t be a decoration dictatorship! Open the floor to the whole family and decorate together. The above planning may require a more sophisticated touch, but it doesn’t mean the family can’t all get involved. This year instead of letting everyone choose their decorations will- nilly offer up a selection of styles and colours that fit your plan!

The key to Christmas tree style is simple... Planning, preparation and patience!

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