What type of Christmas Tree?

14 Nov , 2016
I want a beautiful Christmas tree, but don’t have a huge amount of room: our Fraser Firs are the perfect answer for smaller or narrower spaces. Full and bushy, yet with a slim silhouette, dark green foliage and a light balsam scent, these non-drop beauties fit neatly into boutique rooms in homes and offices.

I want a full Christmas tree with the classic pine shape – but I don’t want to spend Christmas sweeping up needles: our Nordmann Firs fit the bill perfectly here. With its remarkably reliable shape, lush foliage and non-drop credentials, it’s not surprising it’s the UK’s no 1 selling tree. It doesn’t have a scent though – but most think that is a small price to pay for such a crowd-pleasing tree.

I’d like to try something new this year – preferably non-drop: It’s got to be a Noble Fir if this is your remit – although they are not for the faint-hearted. They are the wildest of our trees and take the longest to grow, reflected in their more windswept looks. But the non-drop grey-green foliage, subtle pine scent and beauty of their layered branches make them a splendid choice for the romantics among you.

I want to go retro – and remember the Christmases of my youth: It’s got to be a Norway Spruce in this case. Children of the 70s will almost definitely have had a Norway Spruce as their family Christmas tree, its strong pine scent permeating their homes and memories. They might also remember their parents spending a fair bit of time vacuuming up the needles. Keeping it well watered will definitely slow down the needle-drop, and for a good-looking, very reasonably priced tree, with plenty of character, it’s a winner.

I’m looking for an eco-tree: Try one of our potted trees. Grown in their pots and beautiful, these trees will last for many years if tended to well. And remember, all our trees are from sustainable Christmas tree farms – each tree is replaced with a new one. Plus, our commitment to planting a tree in Africa through Tree Aid means that your Christmas tree is providing a livelihood to some of the poorest people on earth, as well as creating more oxygen! www.treeaid.org.uk

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