Have a Very Safe and Merry Christmas

14 Nov , 2016

Christmas time comes but once a year and it’s the time of year we like to make our homes and offices sparkly and combat the great British weather!
But as you decorate, take care to keep your home or office safe from any potential hazards. Here are our top tips to make sure you have a safe festive season:

Christmas lights

Make sure Christmas lights carry a CE logo. All electrical goods sold in Britain and the EU must carry this quality assurance mark.
Do not use indoor lights outdoors.
Be sure to replace blown fuses with another of the same rating.
Replace blown bulbs. A blown bulb might cause a short circuit.
Don’t leave Christmas lights plugged in and switched on when leaving the house.
Don’t overload sockets.


Most Christmas decorations are made of light, flammable papers or plastic. To minimize any risk, be sure to keep them away from sources of ignition such as heaters, open flames and lights. It will also help your tree to stay fresh by not being too close to a heat source.

Christmas trees

When selecting a Christmas tree, choose one that has been recently cut (as we do at The Christmas Forest!) with a trunk that still feels sticky to the touch. A tree that has been cut and left to stand for several weeks will have completely dried out. Its needles will be easily pulled or shaken from the branches and the tree itself will effectively be tinder and kindling should a fire break out.

If you decide to purchase an artificial Christmas tree (how could you?!), look for one that is marked as fire resistant or fire retardant. Most artificial trees are made of PVC or polyethylene and so will have a certain level of resistance to heat and flames.

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