A Family Christmas

01 Dec , 2017

Christmas is drawing ever closer and with each day we’re sure the little ones are getting just as excited as we are (after all, it is our favourite day of the year). Yet, with all this excitement comes a lot of extra work and responsibility. The kids will be off school, and, as thrilled as they’ll be they’ll need a lot more of your time, and time is a luxury we don’t have in the run up to the big day.

So, we’re here with a few of our favourite family themed Christmas activities so that you can spend less time juggling what to do with the family and more time enjoying Christmas together.

Christmas Tree Shopping!

What better way for the whole family to enjoy a lovely day out and tick off the purchase of the all important tree. Tree shopping is never a dreary process, everyone’s there for the same reason and everyone is always filled with Christmas cheer! Did we mention that all our stalls are now open? Why not pop down with the family and really make a day of it, we can’t wait to have you.

Christmas Tree Decorating

This a go to for keeping the little ones busy and taking some of the preparations off your hands… What’s not to love. You can either leave this entirely in their hands, if you really need a break and don’t mind a possible tree disaster, or the whole family can get together with some Christmas music and snacks to boost festive productivity!

Enjoying Christmas Tree Decorating with the Family and The Christmas Forest

Top Tip: Spend an hour the night before, after the kids have gone to sleep, hiding a few special decorations throughout the house. In the morning let the kids know there’s a treasure hunt they’ll need to complete in order to finish the tree! It’s always a blast and keeps the kids very busy.


Why not get the family together to bake a batch of festive shaped cookies! Making cookies can be incredibly simple with the right recipe (http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/310732/Jasmine-s-easy-choc-chip-biscuits). Make it a challenge for the family, “who can make the best tree shaped cookie?” It’s always messy and it’s always a great time. Worried about the the big clean up? Simple solution! “You can eat your cookies as soon as the kitchen is clean!”.
Making Ginger Bread Men this Christmas with The Christmas Forest
Put your feet up and relax, you’ve earned it.

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