When we cut our Christmas Trees

21 Nov , 2016
Did you know that many Christmas trees – dare we say the majority – are cut in October. If you’ve bought Christmas trees from big retailers in particular, but not solely, you may have experienced the early wilting of your tree, until you’re left with a sorry-looking specimen by December 25th.

We are not saying that our Christmas trees never, ever die early, nor that our trees survive central heating if they aren’t watered daily and properly looked after, BUT, we have a serious advantage over most of the competition.

And it is this: our Christmas trees aren’t cut until mid-November at the earliest, and then in stages up until early December, which means they are fresh, fresh, fresh – and so, much more likely to last right through to 12th night.

We cut our Norway Spruces at the end of November because as needle-droppers, their freshness is paramount to their longevity. We honestly doubt you’ll find a fresher cut Christmas tree in London.


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