Open for Business 2019 - We tell you what Christmas Trees you Need to Buy!

24 Jul , 2019

Christmas Forest is Open for Business... Okay that's a little early and I hate to agree with you - but to be selling Christmas Trees in July - well that is Early.

In fact, it's the earliest we have ever been prepared... what makes us unique is that you can have one delivered today.  Having Photoshoot, making a film, well we'll supply the Christmas Tree.

Or - just book it, get the job now, visit our website and book your Christmas Trees today... You can book for delivery any time from now... although our main stock will be arriving around the 25th of November, actually that is a date yet to be decided... but certainly around then.

Point is - get the job done.

Booking a Christmas Tree with Christmas Forest is seriously easy and we have four main options:

  • Buy and Book the delivery slot of your choice online
  • Buy online and collect from any one of our stores
  • Or visit our local stores and have us deliver at a time of your choosing.

Our main aim is to take the hassle out of buying a Christmas Tree - which can be quite a large item to lift around the place.  Which is why we can also help set them up, but that is another story.

Types of Trees

At Christmas Forest we want to keep things simple, so we concentrate on the main two types of Christmas Tree that you see everywhere.  But we can find all the specialist types as well.

  • Non-Dropping Indoor Nordmann Firs - these Christmas Trees hold their needles for weeks and survive well after Christmas.  You should have  no problems in Living Rooms, Halls, Dining Rooms or Offices.
  • Outdoor Norway Spruce - these smell Christmassy, your Traditional Christmas Tree that looks wonderful.  It can be brought inside, but we recommend the Norway Spruce for outdoors and gardens just simply due to the fact that they can shed their needles.
  • Potted Christmas Trees - for heights up to about 5ft we offer Potted versions with their Rootballs.  You can plant these after Christmas and there is no reason why they will not last another year or two.  The green and environmental solution.

All three ranges of Christmas Trees can be brought from any of our outlets and we very much look forward to hearing from you, drop us a line here if you have any questions.

The 2019 Season has begun.

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