• Can you smell Christmas?

    11 Dec , 2018

    Christmas is so close you can practically smell it everywhere you go! You know what we mean, you walk down one street, and suddenly it's there, the rich scent of Christmas trees. Our customers say it so regularly because it’s entirely true! There is no better smell than that of a fresh Christmas tree. It inspires wonderful memories from some of the best times of our lives. Remember that feeling...


  • Get crafty this Christmas!

    05 Dec , 2018

    Forgotten the decorations? Are the shops barren? We could have helped you sooner! In fact, we can still help you! If you’ve forgotten, and you’re in a hurry, rush to your nearest Christmas Forest pop-up. We’ll be on hand in the flashiest of flashes to make sure you don’t leave empty handed! However, if it’s too late and there are just no other options, here are a few handy tips...


  • Family Days Out

    26 Nov , 2018

    What to do? How can we keep the kids busy? How can I get a few days respite? Can you please take the kids somewhere so I can make some headway wrapping these presents? Have you heard those questions before? We certainly listen to them. Every single year, without fail. They are the questions that get asked every ill prepared Christmas parent! If you prepared, you'd have plenty in place...


  • Eat something new this Christmas!

    21 Nov , 2018
    Here's a short list of our top weird and wonderful Christmas treats! Why settle for the regular when you can shake things up with something new and delicious!


  • We're nearly here!

    17 Nov , 2018

    It’s finally happening! Our new stores are going to be opening very soon! We’ll be popping here, there and everywhere, all across the country! We hope you’re as excited to see us as we are you! There’ll be so much to do. We’re going to have mince pies, choirs, activities and excitement for the whole family! As with each year, our pop-up stores are more than just a place to...