• Let's Go Skating!

    09 Nov , 2018

    We love ice skating. It’s such a wonderful for friends and family to all come together, and all look rather silly doing it. We all like to think we’re majestic and beautiful while we’re ice skating, but the reality is that we spent a majority of the time looking silly, or angrily staring at the people who don’t! Still, whatever our approach and whatever our feelings towards ice-skating there is...


  • It's time to think about tree size!

    04 Nov , 2018

    It’s November! Seriously, it’s here, and we all know what November means… It’s officially Christmas time. It’s the month when it’s safe to shout Christmas! You can say it loud and say it proud, and no one can tell you otherwise. All the Christmas deniers can do is look on and make their peace with it. Either way, they’re going to have to start prepping soon too and what better...


  • Have a Very Safe and Merry Christmas

    14 Nov , 2016

    Christmas time comes but once a year and it’s the time of year we like to make our homes and offices sparkly and combat the great British weather!But as you decorate, take care to keep your home or office safe from any potential hazards. Here are our top tips to make sure you have a safe festive season: Christmas lights Make sure Christmas lights carry a CE logo. All electrical...