• It's time to think about tree size!

    04 Nov , 2018

    It’s November! Seriously, it’s here, and we all know what November means… It’s officially Christmas time. It’s the month when it’s safe to shout Christmas! You can say it loud and say it proud, and no one can tell you otherwise. All the Christmas deniers can do is look on and make their peace with it. Either way, they’re going to have to start prepping soon too and what better...


  • It’s time to make your list and check it twice!

    22 Oct , 2018

    Welcome to Christmas! We’re saying it, and we’re saying it with pride. The festive period is upon us, and it’s time to start making sure you’re prepared! We know, October is earlier than usual, but we’re saying this for your own good! The sooner you start preparing, the sooner you can start relaxing. There’s a certain smug feeling that only the early Christmas preppers get to experience and once you...


  • Make your Christmas Tree a Style Icon.

    11 Oct , 2018
    Christmas Forest presents a simple guide to ensuring that this year your Christmas tree is the style icon it deserves to be!


  • Sustainably Cropped Christmas Trees

    02 Oct , 2018
    What should I buy? A real Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree?” This debate surfaces every year, and every year it’s worth discussing. The real question shouldn’t just be what’s better looking, or what better suits you, it should also be what are retailers doing to ensure that their product is sustainable. 


  • Xmas Tree Decorations - Hand Made

    19 Oct , 2015

    My mother was remarkably unworried about colour co-ordinating our Christmas tree or trying to make it look in any discernible way chic or pretty. I wonder at how she simply handed the whole thing over to her children.Armed with decorations made with plaited straws and covered with glitter, hideous baubles we would fashion out of papier mache, fake snow, and pine cones painted garish colours we would attack that tree.The...